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2021 industry highlights

The Australian industry exported over 100,000 t of mungbeans in 2021.


27 December, 2021


2021 year in review

by Dale Reeves, AMA President


In review of the year that was, AMA president Dale Reeves congratulated the committee members for their valuable contributions that make the AMA a highly functioning association. There is no better indicator of an association’s growth and prosperity than its ability to evolve and adapt to change.

Here’s some of the highlights:

  • The industry grew to be back over 100,000 mt exported.
  • Another mungbean variety, Opal-AU, was released that will provide a more robust supply from growers in the southern regions.
  • The industry faced two highly detrimental pathogens in our production areas.
  • Two new important documents were developed – the New Seed Standards and Exceptional Circumstance Category or better known as ‘E’ Seed – for a consistent delivery of seed supplies.
  • Changes were made to the generational recording of seed succession for our AMA Seed Producers to enhance seed quality and minimise the risk of seed borne diseases.
  • Engaged a third-party Seed Production Manager to better communicate the early generational requirements of the industry and to produce and store key germplasm for increased replications year-on-year.
  • The AMA website now highlights Mungbean Research Projects as a one stop location for the outcomes of current and completed projects.
  • AMA management recently supported financially, and in kind, the mungbean swathing work within the GRDC, DAF and NSW DPI Mungbean Agronomy Project. Led by DAF’s principal development extension officer, Jayne Gentry hopes to take initial research to a commercial scale application with real world results. The adoption of this type of desiccation will be valuable for our industry to meet MRL requirements for glyphosate residues and minimise destination market rejections.
  • Tracey Byrne-Morrison was engaged as Secretary and has made great progress in setting up and commissioning our document library, improving online access to business and communication systems.

Lloyd Neilsen, Ken Cunliffe, Rob Ayre, Brian Algate and Matt Adkins, have stood down from executive duties and the association is very grateful for the contribution each one has made over many years of service.


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