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AMA Approved Seed Scheme

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17 October, 2017


The AMA recommends that mungbean producers replenish their seed lines every three years.

In 2005, the Australian Mungbean Association (AMA) commenced a seed production scheme in which seed production crops are inspected by an independent third party for halo blight and tan spot, along with various other weed and disease contaminants. This process is in place to reduce the occurrence of the various diseases and give the industry confidence in the integrity of the seed supply.

The detection of halo blight in 2007 spring-planted crops highlighted the higher risk of seed borne disease when producers retain their own seed on farm.

Halo blight and tan spot are seed borne diseases and this is one reason why the AMA recommends growers purchase seed through the AMA approved seed scheme. Seed produced under the scheme is sold in clearly branded bags, and each seed lot is fully traceable, back to the paddock of production. All inspections and the history of the crop are recorded and this allows the AMA to monitor the seed scheme and in particular any re-occurrence of halo blight.

Trade marks and PBR legislation protect the varieties Jade-Au, Celera II, Crystal, Satin II, Emerald, White Gold, Green Diamond and Delta. The legislation clearly states that seed of these varieties can not be sold by non-approved seed producers or seed suppliers. The distinctively printed bags with the appropriate Trade Mark or PBR logo provide assurance of the quality and purity of the seed. Avoid purchasing seed that is not packaged in these clearly branded bags.

Producers intending to keep their own planting seed for their own future production should consult with a Certified Mungbean Agronomist to inspect seed crops for the incidence of disease prior to harvest. If in doubt, purchase AMA-approved seed as a better alternative to the potential yield loss due to disease in the following crop. Certified Mungbean Agronomists are trained in industry best production practices, including diseases detection.

Many AMA members sell AMA Approved Seed.

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