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Jade tops Crystal in CQ by at least 10%

Jade-AU continues to be the best mungbean variety choice for Central Queensland, consistently achieving yields 10 per cent or more about the older variety Crystal.

26 January, 2016

When Jade-AU was released in 2013, researchers had four years of yield evaluation trial data that showed this new variety would reliably have a 10% plus yield advantage over older varieties in all growing regions and in both low and high yielding situations.

This has been further confirmed in yield evaluation trials conducted over the last 3 seasons. These evaluations have included 7 trials in low yielding situations and have included sites at Warra, Biloela and Emerald.

The 10% yield advantage is equivalent to an extra 0.12 t/ha, worth an additional $156/ha. (Based on an average yield of 1.2 t/ha and $1300/t).

Download the Jade Variety Management Package VMP from the AMA website.

Long term mungbean yields in the northern region as a percentage of Crystal 2008–2012

Since 2003 the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries has been responsible for the mungbean breeding program, in partnership with the Australian Mungbean Association and co-funded by the Grains Research and Development Corporation.

To date the National Mungbean Improvement Program has completed rigorous evaluation of commercial and experimental mungbean lines in well over 80 field trials from Emerald to Roma and south to Narrabri. A total of five new varieties, Crystal, Satin, Satin II, Jade-Au and Celera II, have been released to growers to meet market requirements and provide improved yield and disease resistance profiles to reduce production risk.