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Rethinking mungbean desiccation

Growers and researchers have invested their time and expertise in testing the practical value and feasibility of mechanical crop desiccation in mungbean as an alternative to chemical desiccation.


1 May, 2021


Rethinking mungbean desiccation options

by Cindy Benjamin


Research trials

Desiccation of mungbean crops prior to harvest is usually done using one of the two registered chemicals. In this trial researchers are comparing chemical and mechanical desiccation options at different stages of physiological maturity.

This research is part of the GRDC, DAF and NSW DPI Mungbean Agronomy Project.




Grower trials

Mungbean growers are interested in the possibility of using mechanical methods to desiccate crops prior to harvest – there's a lot to learn yet but Lindsay Evans has given it a go and expects there to be a weed control spin-off benefit.  Read more here :




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