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Strong, positive Pulse Australia and AMA relationship

Pulse Australia industry development manager, Paul McIntosh

21 April, 2017


The mungbean industry benefits significantly from the long and successful working relationship that exists between Pulse Australia and the AMA. Pulse Australia CEO, Nick Goddard is a strong advocate of the mungbean industry and supports the AMA’s single-industry focus, which has promoted significant gains in mungbean breeding, agronomy and marketing.

“The AMA has really paved the way and set the standard for value chain traceability and grain quality standards in Australia,” says Mr Goddard. “Pulse Australia continues to support the mungbean industry’s development through applications for crop protection permits, training courses, promotional activities and contributing to research and development discussions.”

Pulse Australia industry development manager Paul McIntosh provides services to the mungbean industry, funded by the AMA. Mr McIntosh dedicates 45% of his time to activities that benefit the Australian mungbean industry and the AMA, such as:

  • organising agronomy workshops
  • co-ordinating pre-season information ‘road shows’ and other field day and industry events
  • contributing to the promotion of mungbeans to the farming and public community, including frequent articles in the Rural Weekly
  • providing expert advice on mungbean plant breeding program
  • preparing technical details for variety management packages (VMP), brochures and industry updates
  • keeping abreast of latest research and recommendations and provide best practice agronomic information to AMA, members and growers.

Contact Paul McIntosh Pulse Australia, Industry Development Manager–Northern      Ph: 0429 566 198

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